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Home Burglar Alarm System
iSecurity Solutions will dramatically decrease the probability of your home being burgled by installing an intruder alarm tailored to your specification.

Not only will home intruder alarms alert you if someone has managed to break in, we will make a subtle yet visible presence of an Home Burglar Alarm System being installed in your home, deterring would-be criminals.

Offering full security to the perimeter of your property, protecting your possessions and assets can be tailored to your day to day living habits. We understand that every home is different and so offer a wide range of security solutions to facilitate your lifestyle.

From DIY alarms to pet-friendly alarms that can determine harmless movements to a potential threat of a break-in, our Home Burglar Alarm System can be fully armed when the residence is unoccupied to partially armed to either the interior or exterior zones of the residence.

Technological advances in seismic and movement sensors now allow external sirens to be sounded and notify you of a potential break before that threat ever reaches your home.

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