Construction Site Security Cameras

Construction Site Security Cameras

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Nationwide Delivery
    & Installation
  • Camera Solutions for sites with and without power
  • Greenlight, indoor and solar-powered options

Criminals often target construction sites, as they contain valuable materials and equipment and are seen as less secure than permanent buildings. With our range of specialist security cameras for construction sites, you can protect your site all day and night.

Highly Visible Construction
Security Cameras

Visible security measures are the first stage of protection, presenting an unmistakable warning to any would-be intruders or thieves. We take security very seriously, and that’s why we’re proud to offer temporary CCTV towers with inbuilt floodlights to provide 24-hour deterrence and monitoring for all kinds of construction sites.

Prevention is the best cure, and we believe that highly visible security measures like imposing CCTV towers are the best way to secure your construction site and valuable equipment contained within.

Wired and Solar-Powered Options

We offer a variety of temporary site CCTV solutions with wired and solar-powered options, so you can secure your site, whether or not you have access to mains power. Our solar options include a backup energy source, so we can guarantee continuous power and coverage throughout your project, even on the rainiest days.

We understand that not all construction sites are equipped with reliable electricity supplies, so our solar-powered CCTV solutions can provide security to even the most remote or unfinished construction sites.

Immovable Security

Temporary construction security cameras are highly versatile and easy to implement, but they are more likely to suffer from damage or tampering, which is why our CCTV solutions are reinforced and weighed down to provide a solid foundation for your site security. We offer the heaviest temporary CCTV tower in the UK, weighing in at 790kg and reinforced with fixed feet (not wheels), making it as close to an immovable object as you can feasibly get.

Our reinforced CCTV towers will stand tall throughout storms and intrusions, keeping your site secure thanks to their sturdy design and ballast.

24/7 Monitoring
and HD Recordings

Our temporary security cameras are HD as standard, so you can get a crystal clear view of what’s happening on your site at any time. Additionally, we save all the recordings from your site, so you can review all activity and identify potential security breaches and intruders, supporting any subsequent investigations and providing peace of mind.

Our CCTV solutions offer complete oversight 24/7, so you can record and review any incidents, as well as save clips to report to the police or private investigators in the unlikely event that you do suffer a break-in or robbery.

Challenge Trespassers
with Direct Audio

Along with security cameras for construction site, we offer 110-decibel outdoor speakers to directly challenge intruders with a personalised warning. We can talk directly through the CCTV towers to quickly (and loudly) challenge any intruders, providing a powerful deterrent for anyone with unauthorised access to your site.

Challenging intruders directly with a loud verbal warning from on high is proven to be a powerful deterrent, and our team can speak directly to would-be intruders or set an automated sensor to warn anyone who gets close to your site.

Surveillance Cameras

All our security cameras are fitted with 4G to provide secure wireless connections, so you won’t have to worry about WiFi solutions when arranging mobile CCTV tower hire with us. As trusted temporary CCTV tower providers, we work hard to provide simple and effective security solutions for all our customers, with cameras that can start recording minutes after setup.

Because our CCTV cameras include 4G as standard, it couldn’t be easier to connect your new security solution to our remote monitoring system and access the feed remotely to review and record clips.