CCTV Installation

Close-circuit television or Commercial CCTV cameras Installation is an extremely effective way to protect your property, detect intruders, deter
criminals, and ensure efficiency in the workplace. Our bespoke systems will provide daily monitoring, security, and peace of mind for your property.
Our team will help create a system specific to your needs, whether you want to monitor the entire perimeter of your property or focus on entry points, etc

Depending on your needs and circumstances, our range of CCTV cameras include:

  • IP Cameras
  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Integrated CCTV
  • ANPR
  • Home CCTV
  • 4K CCTV

We have completely customizable wireless CCTV Cameras installation systems that will oversee your day-to-day activities, provide security,

We have completely customizable wireless CCTV installation systems that will oversee your day-to-day activities, provide security,
and give you peace of mind. Our technicians will help design a system specifically for your needs, whether you want to monitor
the boundaries of your property or concentrate on access points.

Why do you need a professional
CCTV Camera System

Having a security system is essential in keeping your house or business and contents safe, and makes you feel safer on your own property. One of the biggest advantages of modern CCTV camera systems is being able to watch your footage on various devices to keep an eye on things, even while you are away.

It is important to get a professional to fit and set up your security system. Be cautious of amateur CCTV installers who are not fully educated, qualified, DBS-checked, accredited, or insured. Since you want a security system, you need to be careful about whom you are letting into your house or business and show all the entry points and camera locations.

Intruders alarms can also spot poorly fitted, DIY, and fake security systems. Although cameras may seem like a deterrent, a badly fitted camera may be an incentive; if homeowners have been careless with security, what else might they have been careless with? Additionally, fake systems can be spotted by experienced burglars from a mile off, so it is best to avoid them. Although it seems like you are saving money, there is no practical security.

A professional CCTV camera installation provides reliable, efficient, and effective security to protect your home.

Benefits of CCTV

With professional CCTV Camera Installation, you know your camera will be high quality and functioning to the best of its potential. It is important you get your CCTV camera settings right, so your image is clear to see an intruder day or night.

Since commercial CCTV systems can be incredibly effective at providing evidence during a police investigation, it is essential your camera is set up in the best location to have the best chance of catching the intruder. Commercial CCTV installation means your camera will be fitted well, with a clear line of sight. The quality of your camera is irrelevant if you cannot use it properly! At iSecurity Solutions, our team of experts knows where and how to fit your cameras and set them up to give you the most efficient home security system.

Did you know there are also strict rules about what you can and cannot capture footage of? If your CCTV captures your neighbor’s property, it could be infringing on GDPR rules and Data Protection Act. Our Commercial CCTV Installers in Manchester know this and make sure every camera is installed completely legally, complying with GDPR and the Data Protection Act.

Why iSecurity Systems are
the best CCTV Installation

Here at iSecurity solution, we are approved by the S.S.A.I.B (Security Systems Alarm Inspection Board). This means we are insured; DBS checked, have a sustainable business, and have the tools to provide effective security systems. We also provide essential customer service and help post installation if you ever had any issues with your system, and since we have been running for 15+ years, you can guarantee our support. Our reputation is built on the quality of our work and the skill of our team, who are chosen for their experience, reliability, and discretion.

Founded in Manchester in 2006, we bring effective and affordable security to private and professional customers. We want to try and reduce costs, whilst constantly improving and providing the best systems with reliable security products and bespoke services.

We always comply with all the relevant legislation, and our recording equipment will always comply with image quality for recognition and identification purposes. We offer a full 24-hour monitoring service for CCTV and Intruder protection, and we can support you in a court of law if needed.

How much does CCTV
Installation cost in the UK?

The cost of CCTV Cameras installation in Manchester varies depending on your needs and circumstances, but we offer reliable services at affordable prices for both private and professional environments. Our costs are based on our experienced fitters and reliable, accredited service.

When buying a security system, it can be tempting to go for the cheapest option, however, these are often fitted by inexperienced and unreliable individuals. You will not have guaranteed assistance if there are any issues, and it is difficult to trust someone you found online who has no accreditations or insurance.

Also, sometimes it is not safe. These people may be trying to find the access points and camera locations in your home or business. With iSecurity Solutions, you may find cheaper installation services, but you will not find them with the same reliability, trust, and experience as our team.

To learn more about our CCTV services & CCTV Installation, request a quote book a consultation, contact a member of our team today.