Access Control Systems

iSecurity Solutions can help to secure your business, monitor access to the premises and improve physical security measures.
We offer commercial access control systems based in Manchester, but we supply security solutions UK-wide.

What Does an Access
Control System Do?

Using state-of-the-art access control systems, we will ensure that visitors and employees have access to the correct areas of your premises while you can track their location for accountability and emergency purposes. Our business access systems are fully customizable, allowing you to give different clearance levels to visitors or place restrictions, for example, at night to reduce security risks.

These biometric access control systems help to reduce security costs and the potential for human errors whilst providing real-time information on the locations of people within the premises.

Access Control Solutions

Isecurity Solution provides a wide variety of access control systems, with wireless control systems ranging from simple fob doors to remote-controlled key card-based systems, based on your needs and circumstances.

Types Of Access
Control Systems in the UK

There are numerous types

  • Proximity
  • Biometric
  • Smart card
  • Key fob
  • Token
  • Keypad

Benefits Of Having
Door Access Control

Door access control systems are easy to manage. Once they are set up, you can immediately control who comes in and out of buildings, with next to no maintenance. You no longer have the hassle associated with traditional keys, people losing keys, or forgetting which key is for which door.

With card or fob entry, you can control who can access which area, and deactivate them in case they are lost or stolen. You can also access dates and times of entry with door security access control, to see when people have entered, left, and set time windows for people to enter.

Additional security is also available with door access control for higher security areas like certain offices or production areas, depending on your business.

With door access systems, you can customize and specify your security permissions to get the security that works for you and your business.

Here at iSecurity, we supply access control system maintenance to ensure your system is always working effectively.

We Create Safer Work
Environments for Your Business

With the variety and ability to customize all of our access systems, you can build a tailored security system to create a safe environment for your employees and your business.

What To Look for In an
Access Control System

In an access control system, it is important to have the ability to customize systems to suit your unique business needs.

Look out for a variety of access control system options and the ability to adapt or tailor them to suit your needs. To ensure your system continuously works efficiently, access control system maintenance is important. Although access control systems often do not require a lot of maintenance, it is essential you have maintenance plans in place.

Access Control Installation Process

The installation process varies for different types of systems and depends on the size of your business and security needs. Basic security access control can take a short time, but larger systems with more customizations can take longer to set up.

To learn more about our access control system installation process, request a quote, or book a consultation, contact us and our team will be happy to help.