Intruder Draft

We are a security and intruder alarm company based in Manchester, UK, supplying residential and commercial security alarm systems. Our intruder alarm systems use innovative technology linked to our UK-based monitoring centre staffed by our own security specialists for quick and effective response.

Our integrated alarm system include:

• Monitored Burglar Alarm

  • Fire Protection

  • CCTV

  • Door Entry

If you encounter any issues with your intruder alarm system, we will provide remote fixes from our alarm monitoring centre or deploy iSecurity Engineers to deal with any complex issues. Further support is provided through Redcare™ or Dualcom 24hr monitoring services, so you will never be without help.

How does an
Intruder Alarm work?

Intruder alarm systems (or burglar alarms) are electrical systems connected to a property with contacts & sensors.

They an detect the opening of entry points ike doors, windows and movement around the property with sensors. A loud alarm is then produced to alert those nearby and those off-site, with access to the burglar alarm system of unauthorised entry to the property

Importance of
Inturder Alarms

Intruder alarms are essential in protecing homes & businesses from
unauthorised entry. They keep belongings, personal information and documents safe from theft and uauthorised individuals

What is the best Intruder
Alarm System?

Each type of intruder alarm system has its advantages; it depends on your property and needs.

•Wired systems are reliable and easy use.

•Wireless systems are flexible and accessible with a high level of security.

•Hybrid systems provide the reliability of wired systems, and the flexible, easy installation of a wireless system. They are mostly useful for commercial intruder alarm systems in hard-to-reach sensor areas in large properties, where easy parts of the system can be wired and difficult to reach detectors can be fitted wirelessly.

What three types of intruder
alarms can be used
in a security system?

The three types of intruder alarms are wired, wireless & hybrid systems. In a wired system, everything is wired back to the control panel, whereas a wireless system reports back to the main conttrol panel via radio. A hybrid system can be part wired & part wireless


iSecurity Solutions supply reliable and efficient burglar alarm installation in Manchester.
We also offer Alarm Monitoring to ensure your systems are working as they should, to detect unauthorised access.
To learn more about our burglar alarm systems, to request a quote, or book a consultation, contact us and our
team of intruder alarm suppliers will be happy to help.